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If the kart is ‘loose’ or oversteers, then you need to increase rear grip using these methods. Please note, if you have a kart that is ‘pushing’ badly and you have already done all things to put more grip up front, then you need to take grip away from the rear. This would usually …
The brand new model Tony Kart Racer 401, recently homologated, is the perfect combination of continuity and development. The Racer 401 keeps unchanged the best technical features that made its predecessor, Racer EVK, multi World Champion, but at the same time, it is a clear demonstration of innovation and product evolution.
In karting fractions of seconds are very important. This is the reason why Tony Kart, thanks to OTK Kart Group R&D department, has decided to explore, with a scientific approach, a field which is still known a little to karting: aerodynamics.
The kart slides at the rear (it turns too much at the front) Oversteer, too much front end grip (the balance is out) • Mount a harder type axle • Mount the rear torsion bar • where applicable, remove the front torsion bar • Tighten the rear bumper bolt and bar • Lower the chassis at …
0WNERS MANUAL KART SETUP GUIDE. Remo Racing Pty Ltd 121 Firebrace Street Horsham VIC 3400 Australia Tel (03) 5382 0241 (Int’l +61 3 5382 0241) Before making any adjustments be sure to test your Monaco in its recommended standard setup. It is Many of the problems and kart behaviours mentioned in this Guide refer to the kart

J3 Competition Inc. – Kosmic Owner’s Knowledge Packet 4 P a g e 1B. Rear Seat Struts Each Kosmic Kart is supplied with two (2) supplemental seat struts, one (1) for each side. The extra seat struts are designed to be fixed atop the rear axle cassette and then fastened to the seat with the provided hardware.
Jan 16, 2020 · Hey guys, So one common thing that every karter asks for is the setup guide for their chassis, so let’s create a thread where we put the links to what we find here! Post any link to a setup guide that you find on the internet, and I’ll update the root post with the list. If I can’t find the official chassis setup guide, then I’m going to post the next closest thing. If you know where a
Jul 05, 2016 · Ciao I have Tony kart Racer 401 30mm (2016) KZ. I want to know a good setup for kart. Any advice for this chassis? I previously used CRG road rebel where there is a lot of info – but not much info I can find for the Tonykart (for KZ) Particularly: Camber Caster Ride height at …
Home Chassis Setup Chassis Setup Guide. Chassis Setup Guide PDF Print E-mail Written by Vic R This guide makes it easy to improve kart handling for a typical kart in normal conditions. Only testing will confirm these recommendations with your kart and driving style. Oversteering at corner entry or there is too much front end bite.
Tony Kart Racer 401S . Protrain is pleased to recommend the Tony Kart Racer 401S. The Tony Kart Racer 401S chassis, manufactured in Italy, is CIK Homologated, and is a chassis that’s beauty is that it performs brilliantly in all categories of the sport from Mini X30/Max through to …
Products Tony Kart, like all brands of OTK Kart Group, designs, engineers and manufactures all articles in his catalogue, belonging to the three reference product categories: chassis, accessories and clothing.
The Racer 401 keeps the best technical features that made its predecessor the Racer EVK, a multi World Champion. At the same time, it is a clear demonstration of innovation and product evolution. Call us today at 801-972-4631 or email us from the contact page and let us help you decide which Tony Kart chassis is right for you.

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Chassis Setup Guide Many drivers think that the kart’s chassis setup can be established in a standard way for each individual track. Nothing could be further from the truth. They may represent a starting point, but many aspects cannot be identified until you actually start driving on
CHOOSING YOUR SEAT One of the most difficult jobs to do on a kart is to fit the seat in such a way that is both comfortable for the driver and beneficial for the balance and handling of the chassis. Over the years I have been involved in karting I have picked up a lot of valuable information in relation to …
21 December 2016 – The constant and relentless synergy between the OTK Group’s Research and Development Department and the Tony Kart Racing Team allows to give birth and develop new projects. In fact, Tony Kart has made the technological research one of its main key points, therefore it conceives, designs and manufacture products with higher quality and performance.
The new 2017 TONY KART RACER 401-KZ 30mm Chassis. For questions, options, and information, please contact us at: or (951)-500-7175
kart, which is lowered and moved back compared to the axle in its normal full down position in the chassis. Note: As the general rule the axle should always be left fully down in the chassis as the kart’s normal setting. Only when track conditions start making the kart two wheel excessively through corners should the axle be raised in the
Therefore, the kart must be set up with sufficient side grip to enable the inner-rear tire to lift upon entry, as it is faster to drive the kart through the corner than to try and slide through. Generally, when the chassis elements (axles, torsion bars, hubs, etc…) are on soft settings, the kart has less grip.
Tony Kart Set Up Guides for . Tony Kart Racer 401/S. Tony Kart Racer 401 – Mojo D2 145kgs (118KB). Tony Kart Racer 401 – Mojo D2 160kgs (118KB). Tony Kart Racer 401 – Mojo D2 180kgs (118KB). Tony Kart Racer 401 – Mojo Wet – 145kgs (119KB). Tony Kart Racer 401 – Mojo Wet – 160kgs (119KB). Tony Kart Racer 401 – Mojo Wet – 180kgs (119KB). Tony Kart Racer 401S – DFM – BST (136KB)
Sprint Racing Kart Sales, service as well as track-side racing support. Dealer for OTK Racing Karts-Tony Kart, Kosmic Kart, FA Racing Kart, Exprit Karts. Sales, service and track support for Shifter Karts, TaG Karts, Single Speed Karts, Cadet karts, junior karts, senior karts and Baby karts. Vortex and Iame.

Mar 15, 2016 · I have a Tony kart 401 Rotax Max chassis, and is abit confuse on how to set the Caster, camber and toe on the pills (like which direction the front and bottom arrow should point for max caster and etc.) Can someone know pls help? thanks.
Kart Owner’s Manual . 2 This document is subject to change without notice. Thank you for choosing Tecno kart. You have in your possession one of the finest kart products in the world. We are proud to be your brand of choice.
2015 Tony Kart Racer 401 30mm shifter chassis. Six hours total run time on chassis, was involved in a crash at the Supernationals and sustained frame damage. Frame was straightened by Thiago Parazinho but is still not perfect on caster sweep or camber. Components are in …
Tony Kart Racer 401S; TOP RANGE MODEL Many are the enhancements done on the previous 401, suggested by the Tony Kart Racing Team and developed by OTK Kart Group R&D department. A name that has made the history RACER, WINNING GENERATION. The 401S is the extreme evolution of the Tony Kart Racer. Born in 2000, through its several editions over
Racer 401 2015; Racer EVK 2013; Racer EVRR 2011; Racer EVR; Racer EVXX; Racer EVX; Racer EVS; Formula; Crono; Esprit; General OTK Kart Setup Guide OTK Setup Guide; OTK Chassis RAL Colour Codes. Tonykart 6029; Alonso 5015; Redspeed 3000; Kosmic 5013; Exprit 4007; Jet Black 9005
Tonykart Helpline. 2.2K likes. Answering all questions regarding Tonykart. Answering all the questions Strawberry can’t. Set-up advice Pressures Gearing General Knowledge about Karting Helping…
May 07, 2012 · To me, it sounds like you have two distinct issues. The first is that the Tony is reacting stronger to the temperature change than the Sodi. Though T.J. could be right, it also could be that the setup is too much in the other direction: soft. If the kart’s too soft, the inside rear will raise quickly, but come down too fast.

FA karts are identical to their Tony Kart brothers except the frame and graphics are emblazoned with the colors of Alonso’s distinctive helmet. The brand new Victory MA15 is the equivalent of a Tony Kart Racer 401 and the V2 MZ15 is the equivalent of a Tony Kart Krypton 801.
Invader Chassis Setup Manual. For Sprint Setup. DISCLAIMER: This page is written and maintained by Galownia Motorsports Marketing LLC and is not affiliated with Nelson Manufacturing. Weight Distribution Introduction to Weight Distribution. The most important handling adjustment is made before the kart reaches
The brand new model Tony Kart Racer 401 complete rolling chassis – ENGINE NOT INCLUDED The Racer 401 keeps unchanged the best technical features that made its predecessor, Racer EVK, multi World Champion, but at the same time, it is a clear demonstration of innovation and product evolution.
May 21, 2017 · Zu dem OTK Konzern gehören außerdem die Marken Kosmic Kart, Exprit kart, FA Kart und Redspeed. OTK Teile (Original Tony Kart) diese Teile werden zu …

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The standard setup for the OTK chassis is a very qooc base setting and works well In most conditions. A recommendation when coming to a new track is to always start with the base set up and then make any adjustment needed from there. If you get lost with your chassis setup, then just return to standard setup and the kart will work again. is your resource for high-quality previously owned racing karts, chassis, engines and parts. 2013 Tony Kart Racer EVK race-ready kart with Briggs & Stratton LO206. 40mm axle setup, lightweight brake rotor, Hilliard Flame clutch, Douglas aluminum wheels. Price: 2016 Tony Kart Racer 401 with new Briggs & Stratton LO206
DD2 RACER 401 EVRR D.40 BS5 RACER 401 KZ FR BSS RACER 401 KF SA2 RACER 401 KF FR SA3 ROOKIE 2015 CSAI basic D.30 drilled OTK For Sale Kart EVRR 2013 REBUILD R 23000.00 Engines J ROK ENGINE USED R 16000.00 J MAX ENGINE USED R 16000.00 Accessories
TONY KART RACER STV 450 ROLLING CHASSIS: TONY KART Racer STV 450 (4-Cycle) Rolling Chassis (engine & tires not included) TONY KART STV 450 (4-Cycle) Rolling Chassis — 95.00 *Please note, there is an optional 0 charge for professional assembly and race setup, for local customers.
Sep 15, 2019 · Automated welding, 3D laser tube cutters and checked tube coupling, accessories forged and machined from a solid, quality control in every detail, use of cutting-edge technology: the Tony Kart Racer 401S is a top product and one of the winningest chassis of all time. The in-depth analysis and photos of all the details
Aug 03, 2017 · Will be racing Ka3 in this kart. My brand new Tony Kart. Will be racing Ka3 in this kart. The Easy Way To Attach Tony Kart Stickers Part One – Duration: This Old Tony 2,376,287 views.
1 dd2 in very good condition comes with a lot of spares two sets of gears plus new spare clutch, trickle charger, tyres,alfano astro with four new sensors and leads , plus custom made trailer,with toolbox that has every thing you need to maintain the kart tyre bead breaker, tyre tongs,built buy an engineer to my specifications can load and unload by your self,.
Kart Steering, Physical Forces and Setup – Theory and Practice by James Hughes. Often when asking questions about chassis and steering settings, the usual answer is simply to say changing some setting or other causes an increase or decrease in grip.

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