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See TAN article reprint about history and chemistry of fiber reactive dyes here. Simplified Procion Instructions. For painting and spraying recipe see this page. From 1971 until the early 1980s Straw Into Gold sold both natural dyes and synthetic dyes. We no longer do so. But, since the owner, Susan Druding, taught many classes in dyeing and
Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes USE FOR: Tie-Dye, Tub Dyeing, Low Immersion Dyeing, Batik, Dye Painting, Silk Painting, Screen & Block Printing or Stenciling, even Tie-dyeing Silk in a Microwave USE ON: All natural Fibers (Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Silk, etc.), Wood, Cane, and Rattan
Dharma Tie Dye Directions August 21, 2018 Anggi Leave a Comment on Dharma Tie Dye Directions How to ice dye textiles seamwork serious tie dye group kit dharma trading co berrecoti gq solid color dyeing instructions for dharma hot water fiber how to make bright crisp tie dyes that lastburlap denim diy galaxy ice dyed onesie mama say what
Fibre-reactive dyes require soda ash to fix the colour on to the fabric. Please be aware that fibre reactive dyes will not work at all on synthetics such as 100% polyester and will only dye protein fibres such as wool and silk to pale shades. Each dye will come with instructions and you will find a lot of information on the internet about
Dharma has very good instructions on their site. With cotton use soda ash and salt with the dye. To disolve the dye measure it into a container of a little water and enough salt to make a slurry then swirl it around to grind it into submission.
Specialized Dye Supplies. There are several types of fiber reactive dyes, Procion MX being the most popular. For the sake of convenience, I ordered all of my dye supplies from Dharma Trading Co., where they are sold at low prices and all the products are guaranteed to work together.However, you may find it easier to look for alternatives.
15/05/2008 · There is no better dye for natural fabrics than Fiber Reactive Procion type Dye. This is the eye-catching dye you’ve seen on tie-dye shirts and other items sold at street fairs and concerts. This is the eye-catching dye you’ve seen on tie-dye shirts and other items sold at street fairs and concerts.

To dye less than a pound, scale down. For lighter or darker shades, use less or more of all the powders, keeping the same proportions among them. For very dark colors, leave fiber in the dyebath for a longer time, up to twenty-four hours. For still darker shades—over-dye—do the entire process again.
12/01/2018 · This is our own Fiber Reactive Dye tie dye kit which we assemble for you. It’s a good way to get started with tie-dye as it has everything you need, including instructions for various ways to use the dyes. It’s great fun, and a good way to spend a day with some kids or friends. This item also makes a great gift for your crafty friend or family
Last night I dyed a cotton web belt with Dharma trading Fiber reactive #33 (Avacado). I had previously dyed some linen with the same dye color (but a different dye lot). Whether it is due to the dye lot, the material, or me accidentally dyeing the belt too long I ended up with a …
22/05/2017 · Teeny Tiny Tie-Dye Kit Kit contains: Three 8 oz. squeeze bottles with Urea and dye already in them. (approx. 2 tsp. Fiber Reactive Dye #1 Lemon Yellow) (approx. 2 tsp. Fiber Reactive Dye #13 Fuchsia) (approx. 2 tsp. Fiber Reactive Dye #25 Turquoise) 8 oz. Soda Ash fixative 2 oz. Professional Textile Detergent 30 rubber bands One pair rubber gloves 1 dust mask Complete instructions Includes
Which Procion MX colors are pure, and which mixtures? Procion MX dyes, which belong to the dichlorotriazine class of fiber reactive dyes, are the most popular type of dye for hand-dyeing plant fibers, such as cellulose.
27/05/2013 · A word or two about Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes. The dye is sold in a powdered form and can be purchased from several sources on-line. All of the dye distributors have their merits and similar products. I do not recommend kits from craft stores or department stores. Dharma Trading Company offers kits for the beginner in a variety of sizes that
13/07/2013 · But fiber reactive dyes are totally safe to use in your house, with your kids, or in your studio. And this is pretty much how fiber reactive dyes work.

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Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes – for white coverlet in Amber Waves, Mustard, Palomino Gold, or Mist Gray/Celadon dip dye Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes- tons of colors and works better than Rit dye Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes Kinda sad I didn’t find out about this stuff till AFTER a failed attempt at tie-dyeing with the kids
I’m too messy of a person too own such light pants. I did a practice run with the Dharma Hot Black fiber reactive dye, following all the measurements and instructions (except I did not use calsolene oil) to dye a white cotton T-shirt and a canvas tote bag.
In my dyeing practice the dyes that I return to over and over again are the high quality powder fibre reactive dyes from Dharma Trading. Dharma has been going since the 1960s, experts in dyeing and dyes, and we’re very proud to be offering their dyes here.
Everything you need to know about Batik: How it’s done, getting started, ideas and projects, materials, examples, advanced information and more!
Fiber Reactive Dye is the best type for cotton and natural fibers. Compared to other types, fiber reactive dyes are brighter, easier to use, and don’t fade. Natural color pigments provide the color for all dyes; from simple all-purpose dye to more advanced fiber reactive dye. Fiber reactive dyes work like magic. They form a covalent bond (when
About Fiber Reactive Dyes The best dyes, by far, to use for cotton and other cellulose fibers are the fiber reactive dyes. They are much brighter, longer-lasting, and easier-to-use than all-purpose dyes. (There are also fiber reactive dyes that react specifically with wool; some are found within the Lanaset grouping of dyes for protein fibers
How to Paint on Fabric Using Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes: You can paint on fabric made of natural fibers using Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes. These dyes come in many vibrant and rich colors and are permanent. In this Instructable, I will be mixing up a cold batch of Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes and will be pa…
Fiber Reactive Dye Set – Primary Colors by Organic Cotton PLUS. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. Price: .25 + .95 shipping Everything You Need to Dye Your Fabric, Yarn, or Fiber Contains: Lemon Yellow, Magenta, and Turquoise Fiber Reactive Dyes, Soda Ash, and Printed Instructions Great for Tie Dying Makes a Great Gift! Save on home decor fabrics to make your DIY dreams a reality! Explore

20/07/2019 · Join me as I try to dye yarn with Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes for the first time! Dharma tie Dye instructions – https://www.dharmatrading.com/techniques/tiedy…
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Welcome to Prociondye.com. We are a division of Aljo Dyes, and the premier manufacturer and distributor of MX Cold Process, Fiber Reactive, Cold Water Dyes in North America. We carry upwards of 50 different MX Cold Process, Fiber Reactive, Cold Water Dye colors, available in sizes rangeing from 1 oz. to 100 Lbs and over. Both retail customers

>>Pure, Manufactured PRO MX Fiber Reactive Dyes<< Please Note: These colors are a representation of the actual dye. Colors may vary due to your computer settings.
Procion fabric dyes are suitable for dyeing natural fibers including silks, rayon and cotton fibers. Explore our pointers for using dyes and chemicals in your next fabric project. We are experienced with all of the dyes we sell, so feel free to reach out with any questions. We’re happy to help! Click here for the Tie Dye instructions
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Solid Color Dyeing Instructions from Dharma Trading Company 'Tub Dyeing' how-to Tub Dyeing Basics with Fiber Reactive Dye Water conserving tips when dyeing with Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Type Dyes The Tub (Washing Machine, Vat, Bucket) Dye Method How to conserve water while dyeing. When rinsing use a "bath" not a "shower" Did you know? How
15/07/2013 · I'm going to explain you how to prepare a dye bath using fiber reactive dyes. First you start by picking your color and the color that I picked today is aqua, which will be a really cool bright
The instructions that follow are for intended for use with Dharma Fiber Reactive dyes. step 1: fold and tie your garment Ideally, first pre-wash garments in HOT water and Synthrapol or Prof. Textile Detergent to remove any oils, dirt or anything else that might resist the dye.


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22/07/2019 · The leftover dye – Dharma Fiber Reactive Raven, Grape, Turquoise, and Nightshade [ 1:21 ] Adding the dry yarn to a leftover water + vinegar combo. (8 cups water + 6 T white vinegar)
Due to the popularity of our Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye poster, it seemed natural to add in this Acid Dye poster for your additional enjoyment. All 82 colors are included, the poster measures 17″ x 22″ Miensie. Yarn Dye. What others are saying Dharma Acid Dye Poster- Finally, nice big colorchips to reference NEW large Dharma Acid Dye Poster- The best dyes for wool and silk! Dharma Farbset
WHAT TO DO/ICE DYE BASICS: Select your fabric / garment for the Dharma Trading Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes, you will need to work with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. Each type of fabric will react differently to the dyes and the ultimate outcome of your colors, so note the type of fabric on your experiment sheet for future
21/03/2018 · General Information & Use for Dharma Acid Dyes Applicable to any brand of Acid Dyes. Acid Dyes are the dye of choice for dyeing all protein fibers, like wool and other animal hair like alpaca, angora, mohair, etc., silk, feathers, and also they dye nylon. They are even used on leather sometimes.
Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes – Usage Instructions You can do all these things with Fiber Reactive Dyes! – hands down the best dyes for cotton, rayon, hemp, linen and other natural fibers. Tie-dye (multiple colors in …
Some are super easy to use, but not very permanent. Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye is the dye of choice for tie-dyeing, batik or garment dyeing of cotton, rayon, hemp, etc. because of its permanence, and the fact that once properly fixed and washed, it won’t rub off on you or your other laundry. Most of these dyes can also be used like a paint, for
Cold water fibre reactive dye for any cellulose (i.e. Cotton & Rayon) fabric or fibre. They will also dye silk and wool. 50gms dye will dye 1kg dry fabric. The most popular & widely used dyes for immersion dyeing, airbrush, ombre dyeing, tie dye,

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Use these dyes for fibers like Silk, Wool, Nylon. Acid dyes are the best for tub dyeing silk a solid even color. Lanaset or Super wash are more washfast but a little harder to get the color even. Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion (the most economical) can be made into an “acid” dye by simmering it with vinegar for silk and wool, but colors can shift. iDye is quick and easy, but not as permanent as
Fiber Reactive Dye, either the Procion cool water type, or the HOT water type, is the dye of choice for all cellulose (plant) fibers, like cotton, Rayon, hemp, linen, Tencel, Modal, bamboo, etc.
Stirring Fiber Reactive Dye Baths For even, smooth color, the fiber should be able to move freely in the dye bath. Additional water in the dye bath will dilute the dyes more than necessary and decrease the shade and increase the dyeing time.
Procion fiber reactive dyes are the best dyes for natural fibers. These are the dyes you see used in ice dyeing or tie dyeing. Interested in learning to dye yourself but not quite sure where to find supplies? Below you’ll find information and links to a handful of companies that offer dyes and supplies! Online Retailers Dharma Trading Company
The dyes I’m using right now are PRO Chemical & Dye’s Liquid Fiber Reactive Dyes. When measuring out dye powder, such as my original favorite, Procion MX dye, I have to remove every food item, every cutting board, the garlic press, anything that could have an errant particle of dye powder land upon it, from the entire room. Even though most

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